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Women Enlightened Masters: History has failed to recognize women. Need for Female Spirituality

Spiritual Blog:
Women as Enlightened Spiritual Masters.

Living Enlightened Master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, condemns the mistakes of history and men for not recognizing women.

For centuries, society has been dominated by the male, and thus not recognizing women as priests, prophets, and even as spiritual masters.

Acharya Shree puts an end to this ideology and says that women have more potential to grow than men, because of the energy in the female body, if they focus and put efforts into their spiritual path.

He encourages women to find guidance to help them grow spiritually, as they have a lot of potential to reach the higher states of consciousness.

Further, he indicates that the idea of a male-dominated society needs to end.

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25 comments to Women Enlightened Masters: History has failed to recognize women. Need for Female Spirituality

  • ladyshamballa

    All enlightened …
    All enlightened Masters ALL!! are vegetarians, including this one!! A very small persentage of all people are spiritual vegetarians out of compassion..Are you really ready for the Path of enlightenment..if so start by really caring about the animal kingdom..because you are accruing enormous bad karma..there is no such thing as select compassion. Nobody reaches enlightenment without this compassion..don’t give me all your conditioned reasons could never think this out on your own..could you

  • ElementalMutant101

    especially mothers, …
    especially mothers, can feel true love, as they provide for their children, they know how to provide for all,… given trust!! Rather, I feel we are treated as male energy, sometimes, quite childish, and selfish, imposed by so many men. I think too many of us are forced to withdraw from the natural energy of truth, therefore, hanging in there takes double the strength for women to float as we truely desire.

  • tobiaskelvin

    ah still love women …
    ah still love women, intuitive and nurturing…but creative…..

  • deborahdaughter7

    I agree. I always …
    I agree. I always knew I cannot achieve the highest level of consciousness right now. I cannot eliminate my ego when that is what drives me to be the best mother I can be. I am teacher to my children so they can one day find their own path. Forget meditation because I use all my energy on them and at the end of the day I am drained and sleepy. I do not rest good just in case they may need me during the night. I have 4 and everything I learn I teach. Maybe when they are grown I can go further.

  • humbledorf

    History may reveal …
    History may reveal a vastly different picture of the status of women in India in pre-Islamic/British ages. There are many testimonies to that- powerful kings could not marry women against their wish. They worhip the Mother Goddess as well, had queens and lady saints worshipped as mother by the populace. Its not the “Christian” world but the world that went through renaissance that advocated those rights – having said that each religion advocates equality for women.

  • deborahdaughter7

    There are some of …
    There are some of us out there. Experiencing life while seeking truth can be very fulfilling in life. Puzzle pieces so to say… you might never see a finished puzzle but sometimes it’s fulfilling to try to piece it together. Truth is very personal. “Knowledge” can be explained… sometimes “knowing” can’t. Blessing to you in this journey called life. BTW, we are wonderful creatures… creative and intuitive and nurturing.

  • ladyshamballa

    Stop with your …
    Stop with your silly emails to me!! Jesus was an Essene, known vegetarians. I said all enlightened masters are vegetarian..all masters are not enlightened…what a stupid argument..God is in everything. There is nothing that is not of God..this world is created by unconscious beings..ruled by the negative ego..we come here to a reform school..why would you kill something that runs in fear of you..the spiritual path is not an easy one..

  • earthsmate

    Yes I agree totally …
    Yes I agree totally. How could be unconditionally love somebody when we select whom we love. We should cherish all including animals and plants. There are times when things like plants need to go but unless they are completely necessary, they all need to be preserved at all costs.

    Go veg to show more of compassions taught in Christianity and other religions. How could we really manifest Heaven on Earth where animals are friends with one another. It does not make sense. Go VEG to fast track.

  • theodosiatakou

    Jesus was real a …
    Jesus was real a real great teacher..religion screwed up everything by making god-savior-satan-exclusively male

  • theodosiatakou

    the fact that women …
    the fact that women gave birth was enough to frighten those in power since they had no scientific explaination for it..hence they created religion to control women..for procreation was not in their control..alas they failed to realize(men) that their role was equally as God is formless, magnificent, and above all remoreseless..for perfection requires nothing to sustain it..hence no need for worship,damnation, alms, and above all guilt!!!

  • abbesieyes

    It is stated that a …
    It is stated that a woman must make herself male to achieve enlightenment. At first blush, this sounds sexist…but one must dig deeper.

    There are many dictatorships of opinion, resist them and interrogate for reality.

  • tobiaskelvin

    “as above so below” …
    “as above so below” means for her fitting shoes to her dress ;)

  • JacksVan3

    I just want …
    I just want tobecome enlightened. 9 thatll tke a long time.

  • param48

    what has been …
    what has been stated here is absolutely true. We have examples of women saints like mira Bai. There is really no diffeence between a male and a female rather they have more energy as has rightly been said by Aharyaji. It is time when women should rise above all dobts and make their life a success by channelising their energy on spiritual path.
    Thank you

  • Rozrr

    I think as a woman …
    I think as a woman that having children can actually give spiritual energy, not only to the mother but to the whole family. It did for me. Now I have 4 grandchildren and when I look at them I see the past and the future.

    I hope for health and happiness for them all which is the greatest possible thing they could ever need.

    Thank you for your wonderful talks. I believe the time has come for everyone to seek the knowledge of all accumulated teachers and awaken to the beauty of the gift of life.

  • jy768

    Any progress that …
    Any progress that women have seen in India was brought by the British. They tried to civilise hindus by prohibiting ‘sati’, but sadly that only scratches the surface of the problem. Widows still suffer horribly, and we still see temple prostitution of little girls ‘devadasi’. Catholics have hundreds of female saints. It was the Christian world which brought rights to women, hindus and muslims are still, as in all areas of human rights, copying us.

  • faszika

    well ladies get …
    well ladies get meditating

  • PaisleyPlace

    But because of …
    But because of responsibilities to family, we as women are better at multi-tasking than men making us the better choice to run companies and work in the business world. Women are less apt to want to start wars too; this gives way for more room for compromise to lessen deaths on both sides of the coin, if you will. I’ve learned through a matriarchal run family that women are important & vital. As of 6yrs ago, I became head of the family. Talk about taking multi-tasking to the nth degree… :)

  • PaisleyPlace

    I disagree. …
    I disagree. Christianity is equally as guilty of suppressing women. It was so-called Christians who called for the murders of female shaman medicine women by calling them witches. Christianity can be tossed off this earth and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit. It is just as degrading to women as any other male-dominant religion. Women & men are equal, side by side, w/o one bettering the other. Even in procreation, we need the seed and the egg. It takes 2, neither better than the other.

  • tobiaskelvin

    my woman cares more …
    my woman cares more about new shoes as about spirituality. Still hard to find a woman who is interested in this subject. I know i know it’s not about finding the truth in life, but about experiencing life. But still this is a mystery to a man :) i am a man, and so hard to undertsand. I mean life begins with the woman, this must be the great creature right ?

  • MaskedBlazer7

    @theodosiatakou to …
    @theodosiatakou to say they created religion to control woman is so retarded I can’t even begin to point out the stupidity of the thought.
    That’s such an ignorant thought that it saddens me that there are people out there that believe in such. If they wanted to control woman than they could have always just beat the out of them like many records have shown of woman being “punished” for disobedience. Don’t try and think that we had to play head games just to control woman.

  • theodosiatakou

    @MaskedBlazer7sorry …
    @MaskedBlazer7sorry for the illusion of your disappointment..women are still being beaten silenced mutilated in the name of “cultural heritage”..We have all been guilty of not giving up our right to suffer..for we are all co-creators in the mind of the all in All..I want nothing but grace forgiveness mercy hope and above all unconditional love for I would want for myself as well..yes the truth..not alterable facts do set us at peace for you have your own

  • Mrmsk2000

    That logic proves …
    That logic proves that female lions have more energy and male lions are lazy.So that supports your point that females have higher energy.There logic backfires against them and your argument wins.

  • acreativenative

    I read and agree …
    I read and agree that everyone that everyone is made of the male and female aspects in order to bring balance. I honor both aspects within me although I am male dominant (heterosexual too). My pet peeve is the religions throughout the world that are patriarchal in their philosophy and have written their beliefs in the name of a prophet or saint to sanctify oppression in the name of their god. These religions are out of balance but their beliefs so rigid because someone said god said this.

  • dancingwithoutwords

    Religion is not …
    Religion is not Spiritual. Anything used to get power is Religion. The true Spirituality is union. And the Enlightenment is when our two polarities becomes one. That;s why highest masters on hearth looks kind of androgynous. The male enlightened master posses a feminine quality, and the female master posses a male quality. The polarities disappear.

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